Privacy Policy

The security of client information and mailing data is an area of primary importance for Cendix. Our service was designed from the ground up with security in mind.

Our servers are physically located in a secure Class A hosting facility that require three levels of security for entrance: physical check-in and credential inspection; keyed access to the server room; and keyed access to each server cabinet. Only Cendix personnel, or authorized contractors, are permitted physical access to the servers. All personnel with physical access to Cendix servers are subject to an extensive criminal and background check. The servers are monitored 24 x 7 for unauthorized access.

Our servers currently reside in the same facility used to route most of the fiber traffic from the United States to Asia. As such, the servers are connected to the Internet on a fast and extremely secure fiber link that is firewall protected. Administrative access to the systems is only available via the console or a secure password protected ip (Internet protocol) address. Access to the system password on production systems is limited to two Cendix personnel with a need to access/update the system.

Cendix does not rent or sell customer information – period. All user data including, but not limited too, contact information, credit card data, and mailing/contact lists are the property of our users. All user accounts are password protected and secure from other users. Cendix will never access, modify, or share this information without the express permission of the user that owns it.

When a credit card is used all transaction information is transmitted in encrypted format using industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. Real-time authorization, capture and execution of credit card purchases are performed electronically using Linkpoint, Verisign, or Authorize.net. In addition to checking for a valid credit card number, the system verifies the billing address to help reduce fraud. Cendix uses Godaddy.com SSL certificates to assure site authentication. All accounting reports of credit card transactions are managed on a strictly confidential basis.

Cendix may be required to address, or address and mail, documents for clients. The production of all documents is performed by trusted facilities that are highly secure and have confidentiality policies in place that ensure the privacy, integrity and confidentiality of client information. All trusted facilities are continuously screened for reliability, quality, and security. Mailing lists are used only for the specific project authorized by the user and are not retained, for any reason, by the production partner.