Mission & Values


Cendix is the leading provider of cloud-based Web-to-print solutions that automate on-demand marketing campaigns and increase sales both online and offline.

The SEED : Cendix Core Values

Smart : We work smart. We challenge the status quo to find the next great idea. Where we can’t find disruptive change, we continue to refine and optimize. We take calculated risks in the hope of finding the next great idea; but, we don’t through caution to the wind – we make sound business decisions based on the facts of each situation.
Effective : We demand results from one another. We do not waste time or money. We create actionable plans with clear goals and then we find a way to get there. Innovation always goes hand-in-hand with execution. When calculated risks do not result in success, we determine the root cause, we admit our mistakes, and then do better moving forward.

Enlightened : We take pride in our colleagues, our company, and our community. We respect their individual needs and diversity. We create opportunities for our employees, our partners, and those in our community. We encourage a balance between business, individual, and family needs. We give back at every opportunity – even if is not clear how this will benefit us personally or as a company.

Driven : We compete with the mind of an athlete. We work hard and have fun doing it. We do our best in everything that we do. We do not quit – unless it ultimately guides us to a greater victory. We strive to achieve perfection.