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We Are Better Together

At Cendix we take immense pride in the richness and diversity of our community.  We also understand that our community does not “just happen”; it takes the concerted effort of many individuals and organizations like Cendix to keep it rich and vibrant.  To that end, we want to do more than give back to the community, we want to improve it.  We believe strongly enough in this idea that we have built it into our corporate values.

With that said, we also know that talk is cheap.  Many voices promote these values; some even make an honest effort to get there.  However, the only metric that really matters is our ability to deliver on the promise.  On this page you will find a sample of some of the community activities that Cendix is involved with.Got other ideas about new and interesting ways that we can add value?  Bring ‘em on!  We always have time to discuss our community…

Youth Sports

Youth athletics promotes fitness, encourages teamwork, and sets the stage for a lifetime of achievement and healthy activity.  Cendix is proud to be a sponsor of youth athletics through both cash donations and volunteer activities.

However, this sentiment is not new or unique to Cendix.  In the “old days” every local gas station or grocery store had a wall full of bright young faces representing the teams that had helped or sponsored.  Well, this is it, this is our virtual store wall…


Stronger industries are built through cooperation and collaboration.  To that end, Cendix is an enthusiastic supporter of several industry/professional organizations.

Software Association of Oregon Formed in 1989, the Software Association of Oregon (SAO) fosters an environment that fuels the growth of Oregon’s software industry.  Members of the SAO enjoy exceptional networking and educational opportunities, critical workforce development programs, and valuable member services.

Wilson Zehr has been active with the SAO since the organization was first formed. He has served as an executive Board member of the SAO and as chairman for the annual fund-raising auction. Wilson remains active with Sales & Marketing special interest activities and the SAO educational foundation.
AeA (formerly the American Electronics Association), founded in 1943, is a nationwide non-profit trade association that represents all segments of the technology industry and is dedicated solely to helping members’ top line and bottom line.  AeA does this in partnership with their small, medium, and large member companies by lobbying governments at the state, federal, and international levels; providing access to capital and business opportunities; and offering select business services and networking programs.

Wilson Zehr has served on the national Small Business Advisory Committee for the AeA. He also helped bring discount direct response advertising tools to the membership as an affiliate partner and has helped promote AeA’s annual Operating Ratios survey. Wilson remains active with AeA networking and education events.
Program Management Forum (PMF)
The PMF is a learning and support community for Program Managers and those interested in program management.  The mission of the organization is to advance and promote the technical Program Management profession.  More specifically, the PMF provides a series of interactive educational events around the topic of program management; with participants from the professional, business, and educational communities; offering expertise, interaction, and idea exchange about powerful concepts, tools, mechanisms, and best practices.
Wilson Zehr serves on the executive Board of the PMF; attends educational events hosted by the PMF; and actively networks with members of the Program Management community.
Lab2Market The Lab2Market initiative is a collaborative partnership funded by the National Science Foundation.  The goal of this organization is to deepen the commitment to commercializing novel technologies by forging networks between private-sector business expertise and world-class research at Oregon’s four primary research universities:  Portland State University (PSU), Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Oregon State University (OSU), and the University of Oregon (UO).

Wilson Zehr serves as a Venture Mentor working with entrepreneurial teams to refine their technologies and business concepts.