Euro Disney Questions

1.       (30 points)  Consider the business structure chosen for Euro Disney.  What alternatives should have been considered (think broadly)?  Compare and contrast the top three alternatives and summarize your work in a table.  Do not be afraid to explore “the numbers”.  What decision does your analysis support?  How does it differ from Disney’s?

2.       (20 points)  What cultural issues did Disney neglect to consider that now threaten its success?  Why do you think that these items were overlooked?  Could they have been predicted?  What should Disney have done differently to avoid this situation?

3.        (30 points)  Prepare a SWOT analysis for Euro Disney (top three items in each category).  Rank each of these items based on (a) severity and (b) likelihood.  Which items should Disney focus on right now – which items only require monitoring at this time?

4.        (20 points)  Disney is planning a major investment in Phase II of the park.  Should they proceed with that investment?  What factors should they consider to reach a conclusion?  How can they avoid the problems they have experienced with Phase I?