3M Questions

1.       (10 points)  What was the driving “function” of this organization during its early growth years?  How did this change under Lehr, Jacobson, and DeSimone?

2.       (40 points)  Develop a SWOT analysis for the company as William McKnight took the helm of the company in 1929.  Create a similar analysis for the point when Lou Lehr took the helm in 1980.  How are the strategies that each leader adopted supported (or not) by this analysis?  What would you have done differently?

3.       (20 points)  In class we talked about the concept that a strength could also be a weakness.  We can see this principle at work as 3M tries to deal with increasing size/complexity.  How was the structure of the organization modified over time to help adjust for the growth in size/complexity?

4.       (20 points)  Using Porter’s business-level strategy model, identify the strategy that was being pursued by 3M.  Why would the company select this strategy over others?  What core competencies support this strategy?  How does this create a sustainable competitive advantage?

5.       (10 points)  3M evolved into a innovation by committee structure.  What did both Lehr and Jacobson do to try and compensate for this?  Do you feel this was the right approach and why?